Verstappen Dominance F1 Fans

Formula E Capitalizes on Verstappen’s Dominance to Challenge F1


Amid Verstappen’s unchallenged victories, F1 enthusiasts risk losing interest, warns Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds.

Formula 1 fans might begin to drift away from the sport amid the continuous and overwhelming dominance of Max Verstappen.

This is the warning from Jeff Dodds, the new CEO of the FIA’s all-electric series, Formula E, which was once seen as a potential threat to F1’s popularity.

This hasn’t materialized, given the success so far of Liberty Media’s focus on the “spectacle” aspects of Formula 1 and the resulting growth in the category’s popularity.

But fans won’t wait forever for better competition, according to Dodds, who spoke during this weekend’s Formula E race in Sao Paulo.

“We’ve had eight different champions in nine seasons in Formula E. Most of them were decided in the last race.”

“Fans love competition, and when competition starts to wane, so does the fan base.”

Last year, Red Bull won 23 out of 24 Grand Prix races, which represents a 96% winning percentage, an absolute record in Formula 1.

“Now, the question is whether Max will be able to win all 24 races of this year’s calendar. We don’t want this kind of sporting stake to be the only stake of the season. But he has already won the first two quite easily.”

While the F1 preseason testing was happening in February, Dodds said he would donate $250,000 to charity if Verstappen fails to win the 2024 title.

Verstappen Dominance F1 Fans. Verstappen Dominance F1 Fans


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