Perez Saudi GP Penalty

Pérez Navigates Tightrope After Saudi GP Incident


Following a penalty point loss at the Saudi GP, Sergio Pérez faces a critical period ahead to avoid further FIA sanctions.

Having lost another point on his license during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Sergio Pérez will need to exercise caution in 2024.

During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the deployment of the safety car following Lance Stroll’s accident presented drivers with an opportunity to dive into the pit lane, a move often associated with precarious situations.

Pérez Penalized for Pit Mishap

Last weekend, it was Sergio Pérez who caught the stewards’ attention for a pit exit deemed dangerous, with Fernando Alonso having to brake to avoid a collision.

“The stewards reviewed video footage, radio communications, and onboard cameras of the car, and determined that car number 11 was released from its pit spot in a dangerous manner. Car number 14 had to maneuver to avoid a collision,” the race direction reported during the event.

However, Pérez further complicated his situation by leaving his box while the traffic light meant to authorize his departure was red.

In addition to the five-second penalty added to his race time, which ultimately did not alter the final result, the Mexican driver was awarded a penalty point on his license. The Red Bull driver’s total now stands at 8, and he must wait until the Singapore Grand Prix 2024 – a year after his last point deduction – to see his score increase.

Checo will, therefore, need to be cautious over the next 15 events to avoid a much more severe sanction. A driver automatically receives a race suspension if they accumulate 12 penalty points on their super license.

The FIA noted in its report that Pérez has the right to appeal this decision, as stipulated by the sporting regulations. However, such a course of action is unlikely to be considered by the Red Bull camp given the clear evidence of the infringement.

Pérez Saudi GP Penalty. Pérez Saudi GP Penalty


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