Lawson Reveals RB20's Winning Secrets in F1 2024

Lawson Reveals RB20’s Winning Secrets in F1 2024


The Red Bull RB20 had already demonstrated in last year’s simulator that it would be even faster than the 2023 car.

Red Bull once again dominated the competition, albeit by a margin twice as slim, during the first two Grands Prix of this year, with Max Verstappen winning both races ahead of Sergio Perez.

Liam Lawson, the Red Bull junior who impressed for the sister team AlphaTauri last year, shared the secrets he discovered about the RB20.

“I was quite aware it would be competitive.”

“There’s always talk and hype during the off-season about teams closing the gap. Everyone is evolving but, ultimately, as everyone catches up, Red Bull also evolves and pulls away simultaneously.”

“Last year, when we were part of the car’s development, I spent time in the simulator. I knew the performance gains that were coming.”

“At that time, I knew the car was already gaining. If you find time in the simulator for next year’s car, you know it will be even faster. It was a pretty good indicator that it would be good. But honestly, I didn’t think it would be this good!”

Yet, the gaps have narrowed compared to last year.

“Yes, the gaps are much narrower in races than at the start of 2023. And on a single lap, it’s tight. But I think Red Bull has created a bit larger gap than what we saw at the end of 2023. Let’s say our rivals are starting twice as close in 2024 as in 2023.”

Lawson also revealed why Max Verstappen is so comfortable driving the RB20.

“Where Max is currently with Red Bull is that the car is in such a good window that he’s incredibly comfortable with it.”

“The best way to see it is when you watch his qualifying lap in Jeddah, he misses no apexes and gets so close, so near the wall at places.”

“At turn four, I’m almost certain he brushed the inside, which is extremely hard to do, being that precise.”

“But it’s not just about turn four; there’s also turn 10, turn 22 – essentially, everywhere, he’s so precise, and it’s because he’s so confident with the car, and it’s these aspects that also make up the lap time.”

Lawson Reveals RB20’s Winning Secrets in F1 2024. Lawson Reveals RB20’s Winning Secrets in F1 2024


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