F1 Drivers Inspire Youth

F1’s Role in Inspiring Global Racing Dreams


F1 drivers embody heroism and inspiration, especially for the youth, setting examples and igniting motorsport passions worldwide.

Through their talent displayed on the track, drivers also inspire careers in young racers – the vast majority don’t advance beyond karting, but some break through to climb the ranks of motorsport.

By hosting a Grand Prix, Saudi Arabia aims to spark vocations among its youth.

So, do F1 drivers feel a sense of such responsibility?

“As a driver? Yes!” answers Max Verstappen.

“In some countries, of course, the history of motorsport is naturally richer. You probably grew up a bit more with the sport. Here, in Saudi Arabia, we are increasingly making the younger generations aware of motorsport. Much of this is through education and career advice. The more help and support from experienced people, the more passion will develop here in Saudi Arabia. So, it takes time.”

“We shouldn’t expect that within the next five years, a Saudi driver will suddenly join the ranks of F1 drivers. It really takes work. The fans here are generally quite young. It’s a good start, and I hope we try to do the same in all countries we go to that might be a bit new on the calendar – and I hope that one day, wherever we go, we might have a Saudi national hero driving in Formula 1.”

In Mexico, Sergio Pérez was possibly inspired by the example of the Rodriguez brothers in the country. But having a role model or passion is not enough: when you come from the American continent, the step to reach F1 is even higher.

“I have good experience coming from Mexico. It is quite difficult to get into Formula 1 or this sport because in Mexico, motorsport is good, but it’s never as good as in Europe. You have to go to Europe very young. That’s the best advice I can give. Start fighting very young with the best drivers in the world, and they are in Europe because that’s naturally where the best level is. And that’s the only way we’ll have a Saudi F1 driver.”

“Yes, I agree with Max and Checo,” adds Charles Leclerc.

“In Europe, the level is very high right now. Formula 1 is doing a lot to make itself known in countries where motorsport might not have been as important a few years ago, like here in Saudi Arabia. It’s great to see the new generation so passionate about motorsport.”

“I’m sure that with this growing interest, we will soon have drivers from countries like Saudi Arabia who want to become Formula 1 drivers and from that point, it’s about following your dream and enjoying the moment. The road is long. Sometimes, you think you won’t make it, but if you always believe in your goal and work correctly with the right references and the right people to help you, then you will make it.”

F1 Drivers Inspire Youth. F1 Drivers Inspire Youth

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