F1 Qiddiya City Circuit

Norris Hails Insane Qiddiya F1 Circuit Plan


F1’s reveal of the Qiddiya City circuit marks a new era. Drivers endorse the vibrant project.

Last week, F1 revealed initial images of the future circuit in Qiddiya City, Saudi Arabia, where it plans to race by the end of the decade.

A project of staggering scale, which received support from drivers on social media through posts that closely resembled sponsored content. Lando Norris, in particular, is convinced of the project’s merit.

“I’ve seen the video and teaser, and it looks pretty insane,” says the McLaren F1 driver. “That’s what the Saudis do, so all respect to them for dreaming up wild ideas and striving to make the place as cool as it seems.”

“There are many places that aren’t nearly as lively and fun. If you want to draw people to the sport in general, it shouldn’t be a circuit in the middle of nowhere that no one visits.”

The British driver is confident that Qiddiya City will provide off-track entertainment that will allow fans to enjoy themselves when F1 isn’t racing, particularly with attractions like the Six Flags theme park: “You want things happening in the evenings and afternoons with shows.”

“You want it to be a big event, not just a few hours of racing where we’re on track before everyone heads home and gets bored. So yes, I commend them for dreaming up wild ideas, because I think it’s definitely a good thing for everyone.”


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