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Vasseur Avoids ‘Falling into the Trap’ of Mimicking Horner


Fred Vasseur, steering clear of strategies akin to those of Christian Horner, emphasizes a distinct approach for Ferrari, focusing on innovation and team development over rivalry tactics.

Toto Wolff stated in Saudi Arabia that he would not engage in behind-the-scenes maneuvers to slow down Red Bull. Fred Vasseur, the Ferrari team principal, aligns with his Mercedes F1 counterpart, choosing to focus on his own team instead. The Scuderia is also showing promising signs for the rest of the season.

“If we can achieve the same improvement as last year, that’s encouraging,” Vasseur remarked. “And honestly, my focus is on the team, on ensuring we develop the car.”

“Even if we are ahead of Red Bull on a weekend, I will maintain the same approach, striving to do a better job the following week. You know, being first, second, or third doesn’t mean we should stop or push harder; we are in full swing and will continue with the same mindset.”

“I can’t claim it’s beyond my reach, but whether it’s interesting or not, we are fully focused on catching up, acknowledging that they have an advantage.”

The Frenchman obviously refuses to engage Red Bull on a political level, despite the Austrian team’s lead: “And I don’t want to spout nonsense to anyone, or things I’m not supposed to, that I would go to the commissioners next week.”

“But it’s clear they still have an advantage over us, and we need to keep developing and pushing. However, I believe this is a step forward today. It was already a good sign last week in Bahrain. It’s very encouraging for everyone and is the best way to motivate everyone.”

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