Newey Ferrari F1 Speculation

Will Newey Move to Ferrari? Speculation Grows


Amidst swirling rumors, the F1 community is abuzz with speculation about Adrian Newey’s potential shift from Red Bull Racing to Ferrari, igniting debates on future team dynamics and engineering prowess.

With Red Bull’s internal investigation into Christian Horner, speculation is rife about the Red Bull Racing head. For instance, Horner’s future within the team appears uncertain, but the future of technical mastermind Adrian Newey at Red Bull is also being questioned.

Collateral damage from the Horner Gate: Adrian Newey’s contract with Red Bull is said to be linked to that of the team principal, and rumors of the brilliant engineer’s departure to Maranello are resurfacing…

The foreseeable outcome of Christian Horner’s removal from his role as team principal of Red Bull Racing could lead to unexpected consequences.

According to some sources, Newey’s contract with Red Bull would become null and void if his friend Horner were ousted, although other rumors suggest a more strained relationship between the two men lately.

What is certain is that the ongoing palace revolution in Milton Keynes is going to cause damage, perhaps more than could have been initially imagined.

Newey’s Ferrari Move: Rumors Intensify

It is known that Newey is still highly sought after, and Ferrari has approached him again recently. He has spoken about his regret of never having worked with drivers of the caliber of Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso, and the transfer of the seven-time British world champion to the Scuderia for 2025 opens a door.

Rumors that Newey might head to Ferrari have gained momentum due to the current chaos in the Austrian team, but also because Newey’s wife, Amanda Newey, liked a striking message on X. She liked a message saying that Adrian regrets never having worked for Ferrari, with Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton. “Now is your chance to check off those regrets, Adrian,” the post read.

It’s just a like, but it raises questions. Indeed, in addition to the internal investigation, the head of the Ferrari team, Fred Vasseur, is working on a multi-year plan to bring the Italian team back to the top. In this respect, he would certainly not dismiss the arrival of Newey.

Newey Ferrari F1 Speculation. Newey Ferrari F1 Speculation

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