Horner Red Bull Crisis

Will Jonathan Wheatley Be Red Bull’s Interim Team Principal?


As Red Bull braces for the verdict, the power struggle within suggests more than meets the eye, casting a shadow over the team’s future leadership and direction.

At Red Bull, there’s serious concern as they prepare to hear Christian Horner‘s side in an employee’s complaint of “inappropriate behavior”: merely a pretext to sideline him?

On the eve of what’s termed the “Horner Gate” verdict, the outcome seems clear given the volatile context of the power struggle with Helmut Marko, hinting at the potential succession of the British manager.

The unveiling of the Red Bull RB20 is scheduled for mid-next week, with the final pre-season tests for 2024 set in just fifteen days, leaving little room for Red Bull’s leadership to establish new management.

Horner Review Sparks Red Bull Leadership Race

Horner is to be reviewed by an independent lawyer specializing in harassment issues this Friday before Red Bull’s board in Austria decides over the weekend and announces its plans moving forward, though the process could extend if Horner’s defense opts to “play for time” to delay the decision.

An interim solution could involve promoting Sporting Director Jonathan Wheatley (55 years) to address urgent needs, yet the possibility of appointing a new team principal soon remains open.

Among candidates, Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff (pictured above with Horner) could take over, but he’s also busy as the marketing head of the energy drink giant, active across various fields.

Available on the market, Otmar Szafnauer brings vast experience in managing a 1600-employee outfit, including the Red Bull Powertrains division now partnered with Ford, where the American manager began his engineering career in Detroit.

Another frequently mentioned name is Oliver Oakes (36 years), the ambitious head of the highly successful Hitech GP racing team, a former partner of Red Bull through its Junior Team. Marko had reportedly offered him the team principal role for the second team (Racing Bulls) last year, but he declined due to not wanting to relocate to Faenza, Italy.

Horner Red Bull Crisis. Horner Red Bull Crisis

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