McLaren F1 Team Progress We Have a Lot of Work to Do Norris

“We Have a Lot of Work to Do” – Norris


McLaren F1 is poised for significant improvements, as Lando Norris believes, despite current challenges and the need for strategic problem-solving based on winter testing insights.

MCL38 has room for improvement due to some behavioral issues that need addressing in its car. Lando Norris is confident that significant advancements for the MCL38 are on the horizon, provided the team can understand the weaknesses identified during winter testing.

“We arrived at the tests with a lot to try in addressing these weaknesses, but not enough elements to say ‘okay, this is clearly the direction we need to take,'” Norris stated.

“We still have a lot of work to do in trying to solve these problems because they won’t just make me happier behind the wheel, but they will allow us to extract more time from the car, be more consistent, and generally make the car faster.”

Norris: Every Hundredth Counts Towards Victory

“It would be somewhat of a victory if we can improve in these areas, but it’s obviously very challenging to do. So, am I completely satisfied? No. But am I pleased with the progress we’ve made over the winter overall? Yes.”

Norris outlines his expectations for McLaren’s progress and how he hopes to advance: “Some things are minor and worth a few hundredths. The thing is, when you have three or four of these things making a few hundredths of a difference, you might be talking about a tenth.”

“And when you’re talking about a tenth, you’re already talking about a significant step forward. These are things everyone will do. Every weekend, you bring in small things that are a bit lighter or a bit more efficient and things like that, but every team does that.”

“Of course, we’re trying to make our advancements more significant and more effective, but these aren’t things that tackle our biggest weakness as a team right now. They’re just basic development elements that help the car go a bit faster.”

McLaren F1 Team Progress. McLaren F1 Team Progress


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