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Hamilton’s Leap to Ferrari: Faith or Folly?


Lewis Hamilton’s switch from Mercedes to Ferrari has sparked debate. Is this decision a strategic career move or a sign of losing faith in Mercedes’ ability to reclaim their winning legacy?

Is Lewis Hamilton making the right move by leaving Mercedes for Ferrari? And isn’t his departure a form of disapproval towards the German team’s recovery, which hasn’t built a winning car for three years?

For Mika Hakkinen, the ambassador and former McLaren driver, it seems somewhat true: Has Lewis Hamilton lost faith in Mercedes?

“I can see that he wants to win, of course, just like everyone else does.”

“He might think that Mercedes isn’t capable of giving him a car in which he can win.”

“He probably sees that opportunity only with Ferrari. He believes Ferrari can provide him with a winning car.”

“He simply wanted a change.”

“He has been with Mercedes for so long, and he has achieved everything with Mercedes.”

“He now wants to go to another team and try to replicate the same kind of journey so that one day, they can win the title in turn. But it’s a matter of people. It’s not about the wings; it’s about the people.”

However, the Finn predicts some adjustment difficulties for Lewis Hamilton, in a different environment and language…

“But it’s a big change for him because he has been in a British team – let’s call it that – for many, many years.”

“Moving now to an Italian team, where he has no experience, is a big change for him – to understand the philosophy and the way they work.”

“That doesn’t mean they don’t work well or that they don’t do what’s necessary, but it’s a big change.”

Lewis Hamilton’s goal, of course, is to emulate Michael Schumacher and win a title with Ferrari, but will that even be possible?

“It’s impossible to say. It all depends on the car.”

“If they’re able to build the car and solve the issues they have, then there’s a possibility.”

And even if the Ferrari is a winning car, Lewis Hamilton will have to overcome Charles Leclerc. That’s not a given!

“You have Charles Leclerc there, and he’s been part of the team for a long time.”

“He’s a very talented young driver, and the car is tailored for him. So, I think it won’t be that simple.”

Mika Hakkinen could never have emulated Hamilton

A two-time world champion with McLaren, was Mika Hakkinen also tempted at one point to join the Scuderia?

“No! When I was racing, they would probably have been happy to have me. But Michael Schumacher was there. I didn’t want to be alongside him.”

Hamilton Mercedes Ferrari Move. Hamilton Mercedes Ferrari Move


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