F1 Diversity Expansion

Perez Cheers F1’s Global Push and Diverse Paddock


Sergio Perez highlights the evolution of Formula 1, celebrating its global expansion and the diverse array of nationalities now present.

Sergio Perez has praised the diversification of the F1 calendar and the increasing representation of nationalities in the paddock.

The Mexican pointed out, however, there remains a challenge: to have more drivers that reflect this growing diversity, meaning… a few less Europeans on the starting grid!

“It’s always nice to go to places where sport is the priority for people,” notes the Red Bull Racing driver.

“We’ve seen over the years that this demand keeps growing and we must remember that, at its core, Formula 1 is a global sport.”

“Many people around the world watch us. So, I think it’s good that it’s expanding beyond Europe because I feel that in the past, Formula 1 was very centralized in Europe, not just with the drivers, but also with the people working in the paddock.”

“And now, it’s great to see many more different nationalities within Formula 1, not only among the drivers. I’d like to see more on the driver’s side too. But just for those involved in F1, it would be nice to have many more people working there representing a lot more countries. This increasing diversity is nice to see.”

F1 Diversity Expansion. F1 Diversity Expansion


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