Piastri Formula 1 Realism

Piastri’s Realism: Success Tied to F1 Car’s Limits


Oscar Piastri emphasizes realistic goals and the intrinsic link between a driver’s achievements and their Formula 1 car’s capabilities.

Piastri believes that the key for a driver is to be content with the work they have done. The McLaren F1 driver states that he always sets his goals based on his car’s performance.

“I always try to focus on the next session or the upcoming weekend and to maximize what I can get from it,” he told Speedcafe before his home Grand Prix in Australia.

“You always leave a weekend knowing whether you’ve done a good job.”

“In Japan, for instance, we clearly had the second fastest car, so stepping onto the podium, once [Sergio] Perez did not finish, was somewhat the bare minimum. Whereas if you have the third or fourth fastest car and manage to get onto the podium, the feeling of achievement is different.”

However, he does not allow himself to fantasize about victory: “I seldom dare to dream about it. In Formula 1, the sport still heavily depends on both the car and the driver. If you’re in the slowest car on the grid, you won’t win a race or a championship.”

“It’s as simple as that. No matter how much you try or want, it’s not going to happen for you. So, trying to wish for these things or dreaming about them can easily become demoralizing instead of constructive.”

Piastri Formula 1 Realism. Piastri Formula 1 Realism


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