Marko Uncertain Red Bull Scandal Far From Over

Marko Uncertain: Red Bull Scandal Far From Over


Dr. Helmut Marko expresses doubt over the resolution of Red Bull’s ongoing scandal, highlighting uncertainty within the team.

As Red Bull navigates through internal disputes and scandal, the team’s unity and Verstappen’s allegiance hang in the balance, calling for a focused path forward.

Yesterday, Christian Horner called for the end of a scandal that not only jeopardized his position as Red Bull’s team principal but could also lead to Max Verstappen’s unexpected departure.

Despite an internal investigation into the saga exonerating Horner from any wrongdoing in his conduct with an employee, the saga persists, especially after Verstappen’s father, Jos, publicly urged the team chief to step down.

“I spoke to Jos after the Bahrain Grand Prix,” Horner said yesterday in Saudi Arabia, where Red Bull GmbH CEO Oliver Mintzlaff is expected to arrive.

“I believe it’s in the collective interest of everyone that we’ve agreed to move forward, to focus on the future. And we both have a vested interest in providing his son with the best environment and the best cars.”

Dr. Helmut Marko admitted yesterday that he “does not know” if the matter is concluded.

When asked about rumors regarding Verstappen’s move to Mercedes F1, he did not deny them and appeared somewhat disarmed.

“Every contract has its clauses, that’s clear. We need to see how all this unfolds.”

The three-time world champion has evidently tried to navigate a delicate balance between the two apparent factions – with Marko, Verstappen, and Mintzlaff on one side, and Horner and the Thai shareholder owning 51% of Red Bull on the other.

“With Didi (Mateschitz), this matter would certainly have been different,” Verstappen acknowledges in Jeddah, referring to the late 2022 death of the Red Bull co-founder.

However, he seems to deny his own father’s claim that Red Bull would implode if Horner remains at the helm.

“We are professionals, we are both here and now. I would definitely like a quieter weekend than in Bahrain. A place where everyone feels good and can work well. I hope we can put what was said and what happened in Bahrain behind us. If there are issues, we try to resolve them internally. It would be nice if we finally talked about our fantastic car. Almost no one is talking about it.”

Marko admits that the affair does not affect Red Bull on the track.

“As soon as testing begins, everyone is fully focused. This was the case here, it was also the case in Bahrain. Pit stops and strategy worked perfectly.”

Marko Uncertain: Red Bull Scandal Far From Over. Marko Uncertain: Red Bull Scandal Far From Over


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