FIA's Ben Sulayem Faces Dual Probes

FIA’s Ben Sulayem Faces Dual Probes


Two investigations target FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, spotlighting F1’s internal conflicts and governance challenges.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been accused of pressuring to overturn a penalty given to Fernando Alonso last year in Saudi Arabia; and similarly exerting pressure to not approve the Las Vegas circuit.

A circuit promoted directly by the FOM, making it clear that this is a new phase in the influence battle Mohammed Ben Sulayem is waging against Stefano Domenicali. A war we summarized for you at the beginning of the year (see our article).

The latest battle: Mohammed Ben Sulayem has stated he wants more teams and fewer races in F1. The exact opposite of the FOM’s stance!

In short, this internal war is damaging to F1, amidst a thousand other controversies.

Do the bosses not want to call time on this dispute, for the good of the sport and to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction?

Bruno Famin, who has himself had to manage a tense situation at Alpine, would he like Mohammed Ben Sulayem to step back in light of the two investigations targeting him?

“What we believe is that we should really be able to focus on what is happening on the track with our sport. And it’s our responsibility, I think, whether as promoters, regulators, or teams, to set an example for everyone. From what I understand, the FIA is conducting an investigation. They have their own procedure and will follow it. But it’s up to all of us, I think, to show this exemplary behavior to everyone. And we really need it.”

At Aston Martin F1, is Mike Krack stressed about his team being involved in the penalty annulment case in Jeddah last year?

“12 months ago here, we were one of the parties involved. You can see in the stewards’ documents how the entire process unfolded. We exercised our right to review, brought new evidence, and the penalty was removed. From this point of view, for us, the matter is clear and closed.”

Does James Vowles at Williams F1 trust the FIA’s internal investigation procedures?

“This is something I found out about when I read it, probably like everyone else in this room. But what I am pleased about is that there is a procedure in place to review it. And I think we should be judged not on the situation we are in now, but in the future, once we have reviewed everything. For now, from what I understand, it’s under review, which is the right thing to do.”

Ben Sulayem FIA Investigations

Christian Horner, himself at the center of another controversy, may finally be ill-placed to lecture on exemplary behavior…

He seems to be speaking for himself when he mentions the two Mohammed Ben Sulayem cases.

“The only thing I’ve seen and learned from any investigation is that one should not anticipate the facts. There must be an investigation and I’m sure that the parties involved… the FIA has a process in its statutes, these processes will be followed, and all I would recommend is not to pre-judge the case. Wait for the facts. Wait to see what the reality is before making a judgment.”

Ben Sulayem FIA Investigations. Ben Sulayem FIA Investigations


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