Alpine F1 Confronts Traction Issues at Bahrain GP

Alpine Tackles Traction Trouble: Famin’s Insight


Alpine F1 faced a stark reality in Bahrain but vows improvement with strategic changes and focused development on the A524.

Following a challenging winter testing, hopes were slim for Alpine F1’s performance last week in Bahrain. However, in Jeddah, Bruno Famin confirmed that he did not anticipate Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon to be as far back in both qualifying and the race during the season’s opening weekend.

“Yes, it was indeed a shock. We were bracing for a tough season start, we knew that, and we had stated as much during our car launch, but to find ourselves at the back of the grid in qualifying was honestly a shock. It underscored the need for a change within our team, and we made that change.”

Despite this, the executive remains reassuring, explaining that the French team has already pinpointed the most significant issues affecting the A524.

“The main problems are quite clear. I think it’s also important to remember that this was the first race of the season, which is a long one. The car is completely new. We have developments in the pipeline. We’re going to work hard to develop this car. But of course, understanding the issues to address them is crucial. And we have a fairly clear idea of these problems and are working really hard.”

“One of the major complaints from the drivers, it’s no secret as we can hear it on the radio, is related to the lack of traction. This is why in Bahrain, where strong traction in slow corners is particularly needed, it was especially challenging.”

A structural reorganization that will benefit as early as this year and for 2026

The new structure of Alpine F1 includes three technical directors, with Famin sharing more about this reorganization.

“We aim to bring to the factories what we achieved on the track at the end of last season. I mean changing the mindset, unlocking creativity, and having three technical directors makes the organization much more horizontal, far less vertical. More activity, more agility, and the motto is really about developing our people. We have very talented individuals, and we want them to contribute everything they can to the project, the team, the company.”

And the Frenchman remains positive: the results of this reorganization will be visible as early as this year and for the 2026 season.

“Both, because we have a new car with the A524. This car has potential. We have something coming, that’s for sure, but we also need to change our way of developing the car, and perhaps also driving it. We really need to change our approach, our general approach to everything we learn about the A524 will be very useful for developing the A526, that’s for sure.”

Alpine F1 Confronts Traction Issues at Bahrain GP. Alpine F1 Confronts Traction Issues at Bahrain GP

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