Lambiase Exclusive Loyalty to Verstappen Undivided

Lambiase Exclusive: Loyalty to Verstappen Undivided


Gianpiero Lambiase expresses unwavering loyalty to Max Verstappen, deeming any shift to another driver as unjust.

Lambiase, the long-time race engineer of Max Verstappen, asserts that it wouldn’t be fair for him to work with another driver after having worked with “one of the greatest” of all time.

Lambiase, who has been Verstappen’s race engineer since the driver joined the team at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016, says he sees Max “like a little brother”.

“We can talk about anything and everything at any time.”

“We’ve reached a point where we feel completely relaxed and comfortable with each other, like a little brother. It transcends the professional relationship on a human level.”

“Maybe I’m speaking prematurely, but I don’t think I would be interested in working with another driver now.”

“After experiencing the success we’ve had with Max, working with one of the greatest talents the sport has ever seen, I don’t think it would be fair to another driver, from his perspective or mine, to try to replicate what we’ve achieved with Max.”

How does Lambiase explain this almost fraternal relationship?

“I had the experience of working with several drivers before Max, and it was one of the greatest aids in starting with him. He always told me everything, very directly. And so did I. Like two brothers who sometimes argue fiercely. But I think if I had been a novice in my role, he would have devoured me whole; I’m not sure he would have had that respect for a young engineer.”

“Max’s early seasons at Red Bull were challenging. Mercedes clearly had the better car. Max learned some very tough lessons in the two or three years leading up to 2021. We really focused on his racecraft, ensuring we just scored points when winning a race wasn’t possible.”

“We were focused on building his consistency, the need to finish every race, not to put himself in a situation where he could end up in an accident with another driver.”

Lambiase Exclusive Loyalty to Verstappen Undivided

Lambiase Exclusive: Loyalty to Verstappen Undivided. Lambiase Exclusive: Loyalty to Verstappen Undivided


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