Horner's Red Bull Rise Amidst Strategic Shifts

Horner to Lead Red Bull Solo as Marko Exits?


In a strategic move, Christian Horner is poised for a significant promotion within Red Bull, a decision that aligns with the Thai majority shareholder’s vision.

As we have reported in recent days, the Red Bull Racing director could be elevated to oversee the entire group’s operations, fulfilling the wishes of the Thai majority shareholder of the can giant.

Horner continues to receive unwavering support amidst the ongoing issue, and the Thais are even keen to sever all ties with the current headquarters in Austria and move it to Dubai.

A meeting among Red Bull executives took place in Dubai following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. It was thought to address ending the current affair, but it actually focused on the future direction of the Red Bull group, owned 51% by Chalerm Yoovidhya.

At this meeting, Horner’s position was not weakened but rather strengthened. The Austrian faction of Red Bull is vehemently against this promotion and especially the relocation of the group.

As a result, peace is far from being restored at Red Bull Racing. Dr. Helmut Marko continues for now as an external advisor to the Austrian team, supported by the Verstappen clan.

Marko admits that “not everything is settled,” and rumors of an imminent departure even emerged this Sunday.

Regarding this, he neither denies nor confirms: “Well… I would say… There are always talks and discussions,” he also mentioned that he was having conversations with his immediate superior, Oliver Mintzlaf.

“For now, we have other things to worry about,” he added, noting that direct contact with the Thai shareholder is “rare.”

“Conversations usually go through the British lawyer, Peter Blake-Turner.”

Naturally, Marko’s departure could directly lead to Max Verstappen leaving, which might explain why Christian Horner has initiated discussions with Fernando Alonso, who could be paired with Alex Albon as early as 2025.

Horner’s Red Bull Rise Amidst Strategic Shifts. Horner’s Red Bull Rise Amidst Strategic Shifts


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