Gasly Eyes Future with Alpine Amid Season Struggles

Gasly Eyes Future with Alpine Amid Season Struggles


Pierre Gasly’s Alpine F1 season kicks off on a rocky note, yet his commitment to the team hints at a hopeful future.

Pierre Gasly has experienced a disappointing start to the season with Alpine F1. The French driver is naturally questioned about his future and his desire to extend his contract at the end of the current year, revealing that he values driving for a manufacturer, possibly indicating a willingness to continue.

“It is important, yes,” Gasly stated. “I’ve been on both sides, with AlphaTauri and Honda, and at Renault when I started in 2017, and obviously, the ceiling is higher. There’s no limit when you’re with a manufacturer. You can set your own boundaries and invest as much as you wish.”

“Therefore, I see the benefit of being with a manufacturer like Alpine, and finances are obviously not an issue. That’s why I believe there are no reasons and no limits to ourselves and how we approach the future.”

The Frenchman would like to achieve a level of performance better than Alpine’s current, which has missed the mark with its A524, but he also recalls joining a team that was then the fourth force: “I signed with Alpine after a season where they finished fourth.”

“Last year was somewhat disappointing in terms of performance; we failed to close the gap with the top three and fell back in the standings. This year is not really a continuation of last year’s work; unfortunately, the car has not started well.”

“At its core, there have been many positive changes in how we approach our work, the attention to detail, and the mentality within the team. I see a lot of positives, but they do not immediately translate into performance.”

“No one wants to be in a position of driving a non-competitive car, and ultimately, it’s a competitive car I want. But I also believe that it’s possible with the current team, and that’s why we need to find the solutions and means to achieve it.”

He explains what will be crucial, in his view, for Alpine to make progress looking forward to next season: “Understanding what we have, the concept we’re working with, the car we have, and its potential.”

“What’s more important is to understand what we’re doing. There’s a significant regulatory change in 2026, which will be a challenge for every team, whether it’s on the engine side or the car.”

“It’s not because the car’s concept isn’t working that we don’t know what we’re doing, but it’s very important that we’re able to identify and find solutions and all this understanding.”

Gasly Eyes Future with Alpine Amid Season Struggles. Gasly Eyes Future with Alpine Amid Season Struggles


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