Jeddah Safety Steering Feature

FIA’s Vital Upgrade Tackles Jeddah’s Blind Spots


George Russell discusses Jeddah’s challenging circuit and the FIA’s new steering wheel feature for driver safety.

George Russell is not surprised to see incidents among drivers during qualifying in Jeddah. The Mercedes F1 driver notes that this circuit is very fast and has blind corners, but reveals that the FIA has added a feature on the steering wheel to display the gaps on track with surrounding cars.

“It’s always tough in Jeddah. You can’t have everything because it’s one of the best circuits to drive, so thrilling – but you can’t see anything! It’s truly a challenge,” stated the British driver.

“At the beginning of this year, the FIA introduced something on our steering wheel to show us the car ahead and the one behind as well as the gaps, which has been a great improvement.”

However, it doesn’t solve everything: “But the fact is if you have two cars together on a slow lap, you might have another car traveling at 320 km/h right behind, and it goes through the system.”

“That’s kind of what happened with Lewis and Logan, he had a car behind, Lewis’s readout showed the direct driver behind (Sainz), but you don’t know who is three or four cars back on a flying lap. But it’s already a real improvement in terms of safety in this respect.”

Jeddah Safety Steering Feature. Jeddah Safety Steering Feature


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