Verstappen Firm No Continuation Without Marko

Verstappen Firm: No Continuation Without Marko


Max Verstappen emphasizes the critical role of Dr. Helmut Marko at Red Bull Racing, stating his continuation with the team hinges on Marko’s presence.

Max Verstappen was clearer with his home country’s press, the Netherlands, about the situation at Red Bull Racing, especially regarding Dr. Helmut Marko.

The triple World Champion explicitly stated that he “cannot continue” with the team if Marko leaves.

“I have always made it clear that he must stay, so I cannot continue without him,” Verstappen asserts today.

“Helmut is very important for the team, for me to continue, for the future. Everyone has their role, as has always been the case. And of course, after the death of Dietrich Mateschitz, some of these tasks were divided.”

“I have always stated that Helmut had to stay for the future, as long as he was alive. I have been very clear about this, like last year after Qatar (when the first rumors of a power struggle emerged). And I hope that doesn’t change.”

Regarding the continuation of his contract, Verstappen is also clear.

“I am part of this team’s trajectory because I have signed until 2028. And it’s very important that certain pillars remain in place.”

“Ultimately, it’s about relationships within the team and communication. If things that are very important to you disappear from the team… let’s say the situation becomes untenable if that (Marko’s departure) were to happen.”

Does he see a compromise, a solution where Marko and Horner could continue together? His father has stated it is “probably too late for that now.”

“I have always said that the goal was to keep all important people on board. What really matters is looking at what Helmut achieved with Dietrich from the beginning. Of course, there can be difficult times, but as in any relationship, you need to communicate.”

“Helmut and Christian have always gotten along very well and have accomplished a lot together. And I think Helmut has always supported Christian, even in the most difficult times for the team in terms of performance, so that must be respected.”

“Things can always move forward or be resolved by communicating.”

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