Horner Fiona Hewitson Ex-Assistant

Horner’s 1M Euro Settlement to Ex-Assistant


In a surprising turn within F1’s Red Bull Racing team, Christian Horner pays a significant 1M euro settlement to his former personal assistant amid controversy.

Red Bull Racing’s Team Principal, Christian Horner, has made a hefty settlement payment to his personal assistant.

Just as the red lights go out on the Jeddah track in less than two hours, it has emerged that Christian Horner has paid a significant severance package to his former personal assistant.

Fiona Hewitson, the now former Red Bull employee at the heart of the Horner saga, was suspended by her employer earlier in the week.

German television network RTL revealed today that she has now received her dismissal notice, along with a generous severance package.

Horner is said to have personally decided to pay her a settlement of 700,000 euros. Red Bull reportedly added another 300,000 euros, bringing the total severance amount to one million euros, to “finally settle the matter,” according to RTL.

If confirmed, the generosity of the Red Bull Racing team principal, who has continuously professed his “innocence” in the matter, raises questions. Or could it be that the Brit suddenly felt a pang of guilt?

Horner Fiona Hewitson Ex-Assistant. Horner Fiona Hewitson Ex-Assistant


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