Horner's Imminent Exit Shakes Red Bull Racing

Horner’s Imminent Exit Shakes Red Bull Racing


According to certain rumors that spread yesterday on social media, yet remain completely unverified to date, Christian Horner faces potential dismissal from Red Bull Racing amid a month-long controversy overshadowing team achievements.

In a significant turn of events in the Horner saga, it appears Christian Horner might indeed be handed his walking papers as early as next week!

The Horner affair has been overshadowing Red Bull Racing’s headlines for over a month now. While Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez have dominated the first two Grand Prix of the 2024 F1 season, the Austrian team’s sporting achievements have been overshadowed by the Horner controversy.

Despite Christian Horner, backed by Red Bull’s major Thai shareholder, managing to secure his position at the helm of Red Bull Racing, news emerged on Sunday evening that the Brit could be facing dismissal next week!

F1-Insider, usually reliable, reports that Franz Watzlawick, CEO of Red Bull GmbH responsible for beverages, has informed Chalerm Yoovidhya, the majority shareholder owning 51% of the shares, that the Horner affair is starting to impact can sales in the crucial American market. In recent days, several prominent women’s rights activists have called for a boycott of Red Bull cans in the United States.

Meanwhile, Horner’s former personal assistant, Fiona Hewitson, is reportedly set to make a public statement next week to share her side of the story, which is feared by Red Bull’s top management as it could contradict the narrative defended so far by the Austrian company.

It’s worth noting that the supposedly independent lawyer, whose investigation had exonerated Horner leading to the complainant’s dismissal, had been personally appointed by Yoovidhya. Curiously, the lawyer had suddenly taken a two-week vacation just before presenting the findings of his report…

Moreover, among the wild rumors that circulated yesterday – also unverified to this day – the band U2 is allegedly planning to release a song in support of a Red Bull employee. This individual’s brother is said to be the son-in-law of U2’s guitarist, The Edge. The song is even rumored to have a title: “Don’t be Horny, Be a Christian”.

Such a song would have a media impact so significant that even the Thai executives at Red Bull wish to avoid it…

All these reasons have led Yoovidhya to withdraw his support for Horner, paving the way for the dismissal of the powerful Red Bull Racing team principal before the upcoming Grand Prix in Australia.

Horner’s Imminent Exit Shakes Red Bull Racing. Horner’s Imminent Exit Shakes Red Bull Racing


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