Bearman Ferrari F1 Australia 2024

Bearman on Standby in Australia Amid Sainz’s Recovery


Ollie Bearman’s stellar F1 debut showcases potential and readiness to support Ferrari’s main driver, Carlos Sainz, during his recovery phase.

Bearman’s impressive F1 debut has caught Ferrari’s attention, and he will head to Australia in two weeks to be ready to assist Ferrari’s regular driver, Carlos Sainz, in his recovery.

Following his emergency appendectomy, Sainz has been slowly and cautiously making his way back to the Jeddah paddock on Saturday, where 18-year-old Bearman was preparing to drive the Spaniard’s Ferrari. The British driver impressed by finishing seventh, but focus has already shifted to whether Sainz will be back in Melbourne.

“We will probably make a decision only in Melbourne,” said team principal Fred Vasseur. “At least now we know we have a good substitute in Ollie.”

F1’s experienced doctor, Riccardo Ceccarelli, had stated a day earlier that Sainz should have enough time to be ready for Melbourne. It’s worth noting that Alex Albon underwent the same procedure in Monza in 2022 and was back in Singapore two weeks later.

Vasseur is applying no pressure: “We have to proceed step by step. He needs to recover first and we will make a decision next week. We will have Oliver in the team just in case, but we are already optimistic that he will be back.”

Meanwhile, DAZN, the Spanish broadcaster of F1, aired footage of Sainz’s father, Carlos Sainz, along with his manager and adviser, Carlos Orono, leaving Mercedes’ hospitality after a meeting with Toto Wolff.

“It’s the work every driver and manager has to do,” said Pedro de la Rosa. “In F1, it’s said that managers are so important because when you sign a contract, they start figuring out how they can break it. Ultimately, what you learn in this sport is that you’re only as good as your last race.”

Bearman Ferrari F1 Australia 2024. Bearman Ferrari F1 Australia 2024.


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