Horner Unity Beyond Individual Roles

Horner: Unity Beyond Individual Roles


Amidst confirmed internal conflicts, Red Bull Racing, led by Christian Horner, seeks unity. Dr. Helmut Marko’s talks with Oliver Mintzlaff aim to smoothen tensions, reinforcing team cohesion and focus on track performance.

Christian Horner, the Team Principal at Red Bull Racing, has reflected on the now confirmed power struggle within Red Bull, although tensions have eased according to Dr. Helmut Marko following discussions today with Oliver Mintzlaff.

Is there an ongoing battle over who currently controls the racing team in terms of Red Bull ownership?

“No. Clearly, there’s a lot being said about this. We are a team and no one is bigger than the team. This team is made up of different entities. Over 1,400 people, each with a role to play from the bottom to the top. Without them, such performances would not be possible. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of speculation this weekend again, but we focused on the track.”

From the outside, the team may not seem as united as it should be…

“Helmut Marko is a consultant for Red Bull GmbH and not the team. Max is a valuable member of this team and an outstanding driver. We are a team and no individual is bigger than the team.”

Do you have Max Verstappen’s support?

“I am aware of the rumblings and what has been said. He is our driver and he is doing an excellent job, and as Team Principal and CEO, I am responsible for managing and operating this team. Everyone has to play their part.”

Does he need to settle things with his father, Jos?

“I think obviously speculation is rife and the most important thing is the team and it has been a phenomenal team effort.”

“We only see the public part, and I think it’s important to recognize that it’s not that simple. We achieve this by having a mindset, a culture, and a determination around the company.”

“Red Bull Racing is the most followed sports entity among all sports teams worldwide. We have an incredible team of men and women without whom we could not achieve these performances.”

“Today marked Max’s 100th podium, all achieved with Red Bull Racing. It was his 56th race win.”

“We now lead Williams with 114 wins in what is only our 20th year, and it’s an incredibly strong team, with depth of strength, to achieve such results.”

Horner Unity Beyond Individual Roles. Horner Unity Beyond Individual Roles


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