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Verstappen to Mercedes? Wolff Signals Interest


Toto Wolff expresses interest in Max Verstappen joining Mercedes, hinting at a potential shift amidst ongoing Red Bull uncertainties.

Toto Wolff has expressed his keen interest in having Max Verstappen join Mercedes F1 in the future, following the Red Bull driver’s admission that he would leave the team if something “crazy” happened.

While Dr. Helmut Marko has reassured that matters have calmed regarding Verstappen, asserting his stay, harmony has yet to fully return to Red Bull Racing, and it will undoubtedly take time to mend relations or make tough decisions.

Mercedes Eyes Verstappen

One potential outcome could see Max Verstappen depart if backstage issues worsen. The likely destination would be Mercedes F1, the only top team with a seat available for 2025.

“I would love to have Max. But we first need to improve our car. We owe it to our drivers, George and Lewis, to enhance the car and provide them with good equipment before dreaming about the future and next year.”

“We plan to wait before making a decision. We have some interesting options. The longer we wait, the better we can assess the situation at Red Bull, how the season unfolds, young drivers, and somewhat older drivers. It won’t be a decision we’ll want to make in the coming weeks, but rather in a few months depending on how things progress.”

Verstappen’s Future Decision

When asked if Verstappen was Mercedes’ top choice to replace Hamilton, Wolff added: “That’s a decision for Max to make, and there’s no team on the grid that wouldn’t go to great lengths to have him in their car.”

Wolff believes Max Verstappen will decide his future himself rather than his manager Raymond Vermeulen or his father Jos Verstappen.

“A driver will always try to be in the fastest car that gives him the best chance of winning races and championships. That’s where Max is at the moment.”

“But Max, Jos, and Raymond are very straight people, sometimes uncomfortably so. They will decide, but fundamentally, a racing driver like Max is calibrated to be in the best car. He has made Dr. Marko’s presence a requirement to be met, and I think Red Bull will find a way to keep him.”

Wolff Verstappen Mercedes F1. Wolff Verstappen Mercedes F1


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