Tsunoda Saudi GP Performance F1 2024.

Tsunoda’s Struggle at Saudi GP: A Performance Review


Yuki Tsunoda’s 14th place finish at the Saudi GP reveals challenges with the VCARB 01’s performance.

Yuki Tsunoda finished 14th at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, acknowledging his performance wasn’t at its best. He expressed disappointment that RB F1 couldn’t optimize the VCARB 01 for peak performance.

“The race was challenging today. I made a few mistakes and let cars behind me pass as I attempted to overtake the car in front, and that’s on me,” admitted the Japanese driver.

“We struggled with pace and grip, making it difficult. On the bright side, we performed well in qualifying, and we’ll analyze our race pace to understand why we struggled so much. There are aspects I can improve, so we’ll study them and apply the lessons moving forward.”

Daniel Ricciardo finished 16th, after a race that went unnoticed and included a spin: “It was a tough race and overall, a challenging weekend, which is very frustrating.”

“During the Safety Car, when nearly everyone pitted, we had a slow pit stop. And a few laps before the end, I made a mistake and hit the curb at turn 1, causing me to spin. However, I remain optimistic, as I know there are some positive signs.”

“We just need to fine-tune our package. We have a week off now, and everyone will work hard to get things right and ensure we have a strong package for the next race. I know the team wants this as much as I do. I’m looking forward to getting back to racing in Melbourne.”

Tsunoda Saudi GP Performance F1 2024. Tsunoda Saudi GP Performance F1 2024.


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