Ferrari challenges Red Bull

“Small Steps in the Right Direction”: Ferrari’s Optimistic Chase


Kicking off with two podiums, Ferrari shows promise for the season. Leclerc’s confidence in challenging Red Bull highlights their progress and strategy.

Ferrari has kicked off the season impressively with two podium finishes, one by Carlos Sainz in Bahrain and another by Charles Leclerc in Jeddah. Leclerc is confident that the Scuderia can challenge Red Bull before the season’s end.

“The race was positive. I believe we are making small steps in the right direction,” stated Leclerc. “Looking at the past six or seven months, we are the team that has improved the most, gradually closing the gap.

“The gap is still significant, but if we continue working like this, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we apply a bit more pressure on Red Bull.”

Leclerc: Patience Key to Success

The Monegasque remains cautious ahead of the Australian GP: “I don’t think we’ll have many new things in Melbourne, so without novelties in Melbourne, I believe we are doing a good job maximizing our package for now.”

“That’s where we stand. We’ll probably have to wait and see when we have new parts on the car, what kind of progress we will make. And I hope it will bring us closer to Red Bull.”

Ferrari has gained in performance, and Leclerc is convinced the team has the capacity to catch up with Red Bull: “Three or four tenths is a lot in motorsports. However, when you examine each part of the car, if you gain 1 hundredth of a second per part, then you immediately gain.”

“In recent months, we’ve been the most improved team because we’ve worked very well, and we must continue. I’m sure our time will come. I don’t know what Red Bull has up its sleeve in terms of improvements, but that will determine the moment when we can match them.”

Ferrari challenges Red Bull. Ferrari challenges Red Bull


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