Hamilton W15 Season Challenge

Hamilton 2024: Rocky Start & Turbulent Journey


Lewis Hamilton faces his toughest start yet in 2024 with the W15, struggling for form and points. This year could redefine his legacy and his dynamics with George Russell at Mercedes.

“Nothing has changed,” might Lewis Hamilton lament at the outset of his 2024 season. Anticipating improvement after two trying seasons, the W15 seemingly emerges as the malevolent sibling of the W14.

Garnering a mere eight points after two races, Hamilton finds scant satisfaction. Is this the most dismal season commencement for the British driver in his eighteen-year F1 tenure? And what does this reveal about his rapport with teammate George Russell?

With a career boasting 103 victories, 104 pole positions, 65 fastest laps, and 197 podiums, Hamilton’s legacy as one of F1’s greatest is undisputed.

Yet, even the greatest face trials, and Hamilton’s start this season, averaging eighth place in two races, prompts concern.

Historically, Hamilton has initiated seasons on a high note, but recent years have seen a departure from this trend, spotlighting his and Mercedes’ distance from championship contention.

Recalling Hamilton’s previous starts, 2009 looms as a particularly grim comparison, marked by disqualification and a tumultuous race in Malaysia.

Yet, the focus on the present reveals teammate George Russell seemingly faring slightly better, despite both drivers grappling with the W15’s challenges.

The narrative suggests an impending shift within Mercedes, accentuated by Hamilton’s speculated move to Ferrari and a potential de-prioritisation within his current team.

As the season unfolds, Hamilton’s struggle for supremacy with the W15 and his dynamic with Russell could epitomise a pivotal chapter in his storied career.

Hamilton W15 Season Challenge. Hamilton W15 Season Challenge


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