Norris Red Bull Dominance

Signs of Hope Against Red Bull’s Lead, Norris Says


Reflecting on F1 dynamics, Lando Norris shares his optimism about McLaren closing the gap with Red Bull, sparking a competitive season ahead.

Norris does not view Red Bull’s dominance this year as a significant issue. Despite acknowledging his McLaren F1 team’s rivals’ lead, he observes a noticeable closing of the gap.

“No, I don’t find it concerning at all, honestly,” Norris stated. “Considering the time they’ve spent developing and producing a new car for this season, I’m quite pleased with how close we, McLaren, have been to Red Bull.”

“Even in qualifying, it wasn’t as if they had an easy time and were so convincing. I’m sure they’re still getting to know the car, it’s a very different concept.”

“But yes, it’s something everyone should have expected, since they started their development on this car well before everyone else. So, we’re not surprised, but we are amazed at how close we are and how close many teams are.”

Norris Sees Hope in F1

“Even looking at Carlos [Sainz] compared to Sergio [Perez] in Bahrain, if Carlos hadn’t been stuck behind Sergio in the middle of the stint as he was, the gap might not have been as significant. So yes, I think there are signs of hope for everyone.”

However, Norris is against the idea of seeking solutions to slow down Red Bull, as the team is performing the best on the grid: “Of course, looking at it, we’d like more battles at the front. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Max is doing a good job, Red Bull is doing a good job. You can’t discourage them. Is it as exciting as everyone would like? Absolutely not. But it’s the same in any other sport. If someone is doing a better job, they will win.”

“Even in football, if one team is always better, one might say it’s boring, something needs to change. In sports, if someone is performing better, they deserve it because they’ve been smarter and more clever. It’s as simple as that, it’s deserved, and nothing should be inferred from it.”

Norris Red Bull Dominance. Norris Red Bull Dominance


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