Clear New Ferrari F1 Showcases Major Winter Gains

Jock Clear Hails Ferrari’s Enhanced F1 Dynamics


Ferrari’s latest F1 car marks a significant leap forward, offering enhanced speed, agility, and driver confidence, thanks to comprehensive developments.

Jock Clear, Ferrari’s performance engineer, is pleased to note after two races that the Scuderia’s new F1 car is significantly better than its predecessor. The Briton explains that the drivers feel much more confident behind its wheel.

“It’s faster everywhere and in all conditions; more downforce, more power, more agility, as this is the fundamental development,” observes Clear. “Regarding handling, we discussed this last year with the Ferrari, and it’s a significant step we’ve made over the winter.”

“Both drivers are far more comfortable with the car’s consistency, predictability, and maneuverability, so that when they’re following someone, when wind conditions change, it doesn’t unsettle them.”

Ferrari addressed its front tire issues before developing the SF-24, and this has had a positive impact on this single-seater: “We believe we understand the kind of things that help improve tire degradation. This was a critique made perhaps two years ago and at the start of last year.”

“But I think we demonstrated last year that by the time we reached Vegas, we saw that Charles was able to manage the tires as well as Max. So, I believe this is an area we understand well. And we expect to continue moving in the right direction.”

The fact that Suzuka is closer to the start of the season is a developmental advantage: “After four races, we’ll have a pretty clear idea because you have Japan, which is a brutal circuit for measuring a car. So, on this kind of track, you’re going to discover a lot.”

Clear: New Ferrari F1 Showcases Major Winter Gains. Clear: New Ferrari F1 Showcases Major Winter Gains


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