Audi's Commitment Secures Sauber F1's Future

Pujolar Optimistic as Audi Ups Sauber Stake


Audi accelerates its full acquisition of Sauber F1, ensuring a robust future and addressing rumors of withdrawal.

Xevi Pujolar, Sauber’s head of track engineering, has praised Audi’s decision to expedite its acquisition of the Swiss team, currently racing under the name Stake F1 in anticipation of the German manufacturer’s official entry.

Throughout the winter, there were numerous rumors about a potential withdrawal by Audi following a change in management. However, the VW group and Audi’s new director have firmly confirmed the continuation of the project as planned.

Even more, the stake acquisition will now increase from 75% to 100% by 2026.

“This is certainly encouraging for the future,” Pujolar remarked.

“But we must also think about today, right?”

“I would say it’s significant in terms of budgetary possibilities and what we can build in a year and a half or two before Audi fully arrives, and we become Audi F1.”

“So, just to get the team ready, and we just need to do everything we can now to build this team so it’s prepared when it matters.”

“However, during this time, we want to remain competitive and fight for points in every race.”

“I would say, even with all the challenges we face, it gives us energy and a positive mindset that better things are coming and there’s light at the end of the tunnel just to ensure we are successful.”

“That’s what we want to do. To be successful.”

Audi’s Commitment Secures Sauber F1’s Future. Audi’s Commitment Secures Sauber F1’s Future


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