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Alonso’s Mind Games Rattle Rivals at GP


Fernando Alonso’s strategic prowess in unsettling rivals is lauded by Mike Krack. Utilizing decoy strategies, he masterfully maintains control, demonstrating unparalleled racecraft and strategic acumen at the recent Grand Prix.

Mike Krack is impressed by Fernando Alonso’s knack for sending messages designed to unsettle rival teams. At the last GP, the Aston Martin F1 driver mentioned a Plan B that stood no chance of success, and his team principal is certain he was aware of that.

“Fernando is always playing mind games; you have to be wary of his honesty because he’s ahead of the game in knowing all the strategies and where the entire pack is. Sometimes, he does it deliberately, knowing the competitors are listening. He’s quite the cunning fox,” stated Krack.

“But he always keeps us on our toes. Just when you think you can predict a lap, there’s a radio call, and he asks ‘what about Plan B?’, just as Fernando typically does. So, we looked into Plan B, but you’re not going to end up where you did with Plan B.”

Krack also praised how Alonso managed to keep Russell behind him: “It was quite strong. We knew George was behind with good speed, and we didn’t want to let him into the DRS zone. So, there was always a gap of between 1.5 and 1 second.”

“And then, it’s always about knowing what to manage and when to push to make it to the end. But I think he succeeded like no one else can. I don’t know how he found those gaps. In my opinion, he was always in control.”

Alonso Strategic Mind Games. Alonso Strategic Mind Games


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