Bottas Admits: Stake F1 Pit Woes Unresolved, Eyes China Fix


Valtteri Bottas remains cautious about resolving Stake F1’s pit stop concerns in Japan, after both drivers faced challenges in Melbourne.

Following Melbourne, where both drivers experienced difficulties, the team has been diligently working on this issue, yet certainty for the upcoming Grand Prix at Suzuka remains elusive.

“It’s beneficial that we had a week off after encountering this problem. Measures have been taken, adjustments made, and I’ll approach my next pit stop with increased confidence, even though the issue isn’t entirely resolved. Our goal is to achieve more consistent stops, and eliminating the problem would be advantageous,” states the Finnish driver.

“However, a comprehensive solution is hopefully anticipated for China. We’re not entirely certain as of yet. But here, additional steps have been taken regarding this matter. I was disappointed, as was the entire team, because such issues shouldn’t occur.”

“That’s why we’re taking this seriously, and addressing this problem has become a priority. Even during practice, it wasn’t a major concern. Yet, it was during these sessions that we began to notice issues, likely related to temperature effects.”

Guanyu Zhou acknowledges the subpar results but remains optimistic about the inherent potential of the Sauber C44: “It’s been a more challenging start to the season than expected, but our pace has improved in recent races.”

“However, I’ve faced issues in qualifying, especially when my wing detached after hitting a curb. We need a clean weekend; we have potential and have demonstrated on several occasions our capability to contend for the final top 10 positions.”

“We have a new floor on the car, which should increase downforce and hopefully improve our standings. However, other cars will also undergo developments, so the actual impact will be seen on the track. But we’re striving to introduce new elements and progress as a team.”

Bottas Cautious on Fixing F1 Pit Issues for Japan GP

Bottas Cautious on Fixing F1 Pit Issues for Japan GP. Bottas Cautious on Fixing F1 Pit Issues for Japan GP


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