Pérez Only a Matter of Time Before Red Bull's Rivals Lead

Pérez: ‘Only a Matter of Time’ Before Red Bull’s Rivals Lead


Sergio Pérez foresees challenges ahead for Red Bull, stating it was “only a matter of time” before teams like Ferrari and McLaren would outpace them in certain races, signaling a fiercely competitive season.

In Melbourne, Red Bull faced setbacks with Verstappen retiring and Pérez ending fifth. Pérez attributes his car’s graining to damage, amidst fierce competition and evolving dynamics in the racing world.

“I think we mishandled the tires, we sustained damage during the race, and I believe that was crucial. There was also a penalty that set us back three places,” Pérez stated, unsurprised that other teams are catching up to Red Bull.

“It was only a matter of time, Ferrari hadn’t maximized their package at the start of the season, but by Djeddah, it was evident they had a very fast car, and the competition was tight. McLaren also began to understand their car. It’s shaping up to be a very interesting season, with races where they will be faster and vice versa.”

Red Bull is evolving its RB20 for the first time, and Pérez shares his expectations: “Lap time improvement! We’re hopeful. It’s often not as significant as we’d like, but it’s relative. Many teams are introducing upgrades, so we’ll see where we stand.”

Pérez: ‘Only a Matter of Time’ Before Red Bull’s Rivals Lead. Pérez: ‘Only a Matter of Time’ Before Red Bull’s Rivals Lead.


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