Ricciardo Unfazed by Slow Start Confident in Turnaround

Ricciardo Unfazed by Slow Start, Confident in Turnaround


Despite a challenging season outset with Tsunoda outperforming him, Ricciardo remains optimistic about his personal and professional prospects within RB F1.

Daniel Ricciardo asserts that he is not facing a particularly challenging situation on a personal level, despite a start to the year where his teammate Yuki Tsunoda is significantly outperforming him. The RB F1 driver maintains that he feels confident and is not experiencing the same difficulties he did at McLaren.

“It’s interesting because on paper it doesn’t look good, the results aren’t what I want, but personally, in terms of confidence and satisfaction, nothing has changed. It’s just about getting results, but on a personal level, my situation is good,” Ricciardo stated.

“We need to understand why the results aren’t there, but other than that, I feel good. I went home and it’s always nice to go there for a few days, and I arrive here with a fresh mind. I can’t predict what will happen, but I feel that I can achieve a good result.”

“We’ve done a lot of work on and off the track during the break weeks. We want to understand what’s down to me, what’s down to the car, if the car isn’t giving me what I expect, those kinds of things. They are small things, but I don’t feel lost.”

“I’m ready to be wrong”

His approach allows him to remain calm in the face of challenges: “I really feel that it’s certainly because I’ve been through tough times, and I’ve experienced lows, that I come without being too proud or having an ego or anything like that. I’m ready to speak up, and I’m also ready to be wrong.”

The Australian praises the changes made at RB F1 with the arrival of CEO Peter Bayer and director Laurent Mekies. According to him, communication has improved at all levels and this enhances the team’s operations.

“We’re trying to establish a culture of accountability. I want other people to feel they can speak up. It’s not just me, because I’m the driver, saying ‘oh, I have a voice.'”

“Everyone should be able to speak up, if they’re not happy with something, I want to hear about it. I want other team members to be informed. So, from that standpoint, I think I’m helping to lead a bit, or to direct a bit with a direction or ideas.”

Ricciardo Unfazed by Slow Start, Confident in Turnaround. Ricciardo Unfazed by Slow Start, Confident in Turnaround


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