Red Bull Offers Albon First Refusal Amid Interest

Red Bull Offers Albon First Refusal Amid Interest


Red Bull Racing proposes a unique first refusal deal to Alexander Albon, signaling a potential return post-2023 successes with Williams.

Red Bull Racing has reportedly offered Alexander Albon a first right of refusal, according to Motorsport.com. The British-Thai driver is highly sought after by other teams, following his impressive results with Williams in 2023, and his former team hopes to outpace the competition this way.

If Albon agrees to the proposal from Red Bull, it would mean his former team could opt to bring him back for three years starting from 2026, after his current contract with Williams ends. It could be a lucrative option for the British-Thai driver, but it could also limit his choices with other teams during the expected silly season in 2024.

Should Albon accept, there’s a high chance he will drive again for his old team. The Williams driver replaced Pierre Gasly as Max Verstappen’s teammate midway through 2019. Albon had to make way for Sergio Pérez at the end of 2020 but could potentially take over the Mexican’s seat after his Williams contract ends.

Focus remains on Williams for now

However, for the time being, his future remains with Williams, Albon confirmed during the launch of the new 2024 car. “I want to see how the car feels in Bahrain and the following four, five, six races and really get a sense of the progress we’ve hopefully made as a team,” said Albon. “My entire focus is on Williams, and that’s where I see myself. The rate of progress is also very important to me, so time will tell.”

“I feel like I’m very close to my peak,” said Albon. “Improvements are always possible, and there are still areas to improve, but overall, with my experience now and where I am, I feel I deserve a car that can score podiums and fight for wins. And that’s just being very honest about how I see myself. Most importantly, I want that team to be Williams, and I’m putting all my work and energy into that.”

Albon: ‘Focus is on driving’

Albon admits, however, that there have been talks with other teams besides his current employer about his future in the top class. “I’d be denying it if I said there haven’t been any inquiries and general conversations about it, but honestly, that’s not really my personal area, that’s more my management. My focus is on driving,” Albon responded to questions about his future after Williams.

Albon Red Bull Offer. Albon Red Bull Offer

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