VCARB 01 Inherits Red Bull's DNA

F1’s New Era: VCARB 01 Inherits Red Bull’s DNA


For 2024, Visa Cash App RB leverages Red Bull RB19’s tech in VCARB 01, aiming for F1 supremacy. Team Director Laurent Mekies highlights the strategic compliance and innovation within F1’s strict regulations.

For the 2024 F1 season, Visa Cash App RB has incorporated a significant number of components from the Red Bull RB19 into their design. This is evident in the VCARB 01, which closely mirrors the reigning champion. Laurent Mekies, the team’s director, stated that the regulations are very clear on this matter.

“The regulations are explicit about what you must do yourself and what you can purchase,” Mekies explained. “Traditionally, for instance, it’s accepted that you can buy your engine from a third party. Along with the engine, you’re allowed to purchase the gearbox and suspensions.”

“These are the main components you can buy if you choose to do so. The regulations ensure you build the rest of the car yourself, including your chassis, aerodynamics, cooling systems, anything that affects performance, defining what makes a constructor, and the rules are quite straightforward.”

However, the fact that both teams are under Red Bull does not prevent compliance with the regulations: “We’re in a situation where there’s one owner for two teams, and of course, questions arise about what we can share.”

“We review the regulations and share what we can. As for the part we handle – which is the majority of the car – we do everything we can to prepare ourselves to fight for significant results.”

“There are also downsides. If you take someone else’s gearbox, as many teams do, you must wait until that team has designed the gearbox to know where your suspension points will be, which impacts your aerodynamic decisions. There are compromises to be made.”

Tsunoda has “proved his incredible speed”

The French director is pleased to continue developing young talent in the form of Yuki Tsunoda, alongside the experienced Daniel Ricciardo: “Training young drivers for the Red Bull family remains a key aspect of the project, but it’s certainly not the only one, as there are other parameters.”

“But it’s one of the main reasons we’re here. It’s been in our DNA for a long time. Today, we have an incredible balance between youth and experience with Yuki and Daniel. It’s about the ideal combination.”

And again praised the Japanese driver’s potential: “I’m very impressed by Yuki. Ultimately, he has proven, month after month, season after season, that his speed is incredible. He’s had several teammates, and his speed has continued to increase.”

“If you combine this with his integration into the team and his developing technical understanding, you get a very solid package. He’s a hard worker, lives in Faenza, often visits the factory. His natural speed is incredible, so the combination with Daniel in terms of mutual push makes a very strong team.”

Ricciardo is “an incredible asset”

Mekies is full of praise for Ricciardo, positioning him at the heart of the project due to his experience: “He’s an incredible asset to the team. There are not many drivers out there with such a pedigree, who have won as many races, who have such a feel for the car, who have such a spirit for our staff.”

“If you have a large group of people who are a bit more motivated thanks to all the energy a driver can transmit, it makes a difference. It’s a hidden lap time, not one you can see on your tracker on the wall. It makes a difference.”

“It’s great to have him on board in terms of speed, spirit, and car development. He was on the list of top drivers up until two years ago. Then he went through a difficult period. We are fortunate to be the first to rebuild with him.”

“There’s no reason Daniel shouldn’t be on the same trajectory as the one that placed him on those top lists a few years ago. He’s gained experience since then and has learned a lot about managing his energy. I see him as very hungry, highly motivated, extremely focused.”

VCARB 01 Inherits Red Bull’s DNA. VCARB 01 Inherits Red Bull’s DNA

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