Haas F1 Komatsu Era

Haas F1 Ushers New Era with Ayao Komatsu at Helm


Haas F1 embarks on a transformative journey under Ayao Komatsu’s leadership. This pivotal shift, replacing Günther Steiner, inspires confidence in Kevin Magnussen for the 2024 season, promising major developmental strides.

Haas F1 is hoping to start a new era with Ayao Komatsu taking over the team’s leadership. As Günther Steiner’s replacement, the Japanese has already initiated several major projects, giving Kevin Magnussen confidence ahead of the 2024 season.

“I like Günther, I’ve had a great relationship with him since I’ve been at Haas, but it’s also exciting to see some change. Real change,” said Magnussen. “I think it’s great that Ayao is already tackling some of the elephants in the room, like our development trajectory after a season that wasn’t good.”

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Komatsu, on his part, has explained how he has already made changes in the team’s hierarchy, aiming to finally succeed in developing the car.

“We’ve made changes in organizational structures and have promoted some people internally to key positions,” he stated. “I’m optimistic in the sense that we can do a lot of things.”

Komatsu is ready to take on Gene Haas’s challenge, even though he hadn’t imagined this when he joined Haas F1: “I was very happy managing a car. Then, after four years, an opportunity came up, and I became the chief track engineer. Then I returned to Haas.”

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“I talked to Günther, I really liked his vision and what he told me. So, I decided to take on this challenge. It’s not like I wanted to become the director, to replace Günther. No way. Gene made his decision. OK, I know the team very well, I have a lot of ideas, I know the people are good, so why not give it a shot?”

Finally, when asked about his contract, Nico Hülkenberg stated he had a contract for 2025. But he later revealed on Twitter that this was not the case: “Don’t believe everything. Someone took a joke a bit too seriously.”

Haas F1 Komatsu Era. Haas F1 Komatsu Era Haas F1 Komatsu Era

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