Lance Stroll: A Canadian Star on the Formula 1 Grid

Lance Stroll F1 career – is a Formula 1 driver competing for Aston Martin. The Canadian has been active in the premier class of motorsport for several years, securing three podium finishes and one pole position in five years. He continues with the British team in 2022, once again alongside teammate Sebastian Vettel.

A Racing Enthusiast from a Young Age…

Growing up in an affluent environment as the son of Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll and Belgian fashion designer Claire-Anne Callens, Lance Stroll naturally harbored ambitions to compete at the top in motorsports. Later on, his father’s financial support proved beneficial. Stroll initiated his career on the karting track at the age of nine.

His first two championships, in the United States and Canada, saw him clinch awards such as “Rookie of the Year” and “Driver of the Year.” His performances during these years didn’t go unnoticed. Ferrari recognized the talent in the young Canadian, offering him a place in the Driver Academy. At the age of eleven, Stroll became the second-youngest driver ever to sign a Formula 1 contract.

Lance Stroll F1 career

In 2010, Lance transitioned to Europe, joining the KF3 championship. This competition featured karting talents aged eleven to fifteen. Stroll’s initial two years in this class were unremarkable, finishing 19th and 21st. Meanwhile, his future F3 rival, George Russell, secured the title in 2011. Following this, Lance explored various other racing classes, achieving commendable results.

Single-Seaters Journey

At fifteen, in 2014, Lance made the leap to single-seaters. Initially participating in the Ferrari-organized Florida Winter Series, he competed against Max Verstappen, who secured two podiums. Stroll didn’t win any races in this championship. Following this series, Lance entered Formula 4. Thanks to his father’s investment in the Prema team, Lance secured a seat. Despite scoring fewer points than his teammate, Stroll ultimately won the championship, as his teammate was too old to contend for the title.

Following this triumph, in 2015, Lance moved on to Formula 3 and the Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand. Starting with the Toyota Racing Series, which he won, Stroll continued his career in Formula 3. His first season in this class was not flawless: the Canadian collided with several drivers, including Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclerc, causing multiple crashes.

Stroll concluded the year in fifth place. In the following season, having learned from his mistakes, he won fourteen out of thirty races, securing the championship. During this year, Stroll also transitioned from Ferrari to Williams. The last Canadian to compete in F1, Jacques Villeneuve, had won the championship with this team.

Formula 1 Debut

In 2017, the awaited moment arrived: the eighteen-year-old Lance Stroll made his Formula 1 debut with Williams, skipping Formula 2. He became the teammate of the highly experienced driver Felipe Massa. Stroll’s debut started off disastrously, plagued by retirements in the first three races. However, the tide turned, and he secured a podium finish in only his seventh race. Throughout the season, he scored points in seven races, finishing twelfth in the championship, just three points behind his teammate. Lance Stroll showcased his racing prowess, proving that his seat was earned not just through his father’s wealth.

In 2018, Stroll continued to drive for Williams, with the young Russian Sergey Sirotkin as his teammate. Despite Williams securing the fifth position in the constructors’ championship the previous year, their car proved to be less competitive this season. Lance Stroll finished in the points only three times, and Williams unofficially ended up as the second-to-last team in the constructors’ championship. Meanwhile, another team, Force India, faced financial difficulties.

Lance’s father, Lawrence Stroll, decided to purchase the team. As a result, the team forfeited its points in the championship and officially finished in last place. For Lance, this meant securing a seat in F1 for 2019 with his father’s renamed team, Racing Point. In the new season, despite a less competitive car, Lance performed better than the previous year. In the first eleven races, he scored points four times, with a fourth-place finish as his best result.

Although many remained skeptical about Lance Stroll’s driving skills, the driver had demonstrated his capabilities often enough. At 22 years old, he remained one of the youngest racers on the grid.

Lance Stroll in 2020 and 2021

In 2020, Lance Stroll finished eleventh in the championship, tied in points with Pierre Gasly. Despite his teammate Sergio Perez securing fourth place in the same car, it was a strong season for the Canadian. Stroll crossed the line in fourth place in Hungary and repeated the feat in Spain. In Monza, he even achieved a third-place finish.

However, Stroll’s performance declined afterward. It took him six races to score points again. In Turkey, despite starting the race from pole position, Stroll finished ninth. He retired during the first race in Bahrain but clinched a third-place finish in the Sakhir Grand Prix a week later. Stroll concluded the season with a tenth-place finish in Abu Dhabi.

In 2021, Stroll experienced a relatively inconspicuous year at Aston Martin, with his best finishing position being sixth in Qatar. The Aston Martin that year lacked sufficient speed, and often, the Canadian and his German teammate, Vettel, fought for a few points. It’s worth noting that Vettel managed to secure podium finishes twice during that year.

Lance Stroll F1 career Lance Stroll F1 career

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