Qatar Grand Prix: Doha’s Racing Showcase

In 2023, the Grand Prix of Qatar will feature on the calendar for the second time. The inaugural race took place in 2021 and was clinched by Lewis Hamilton. The agreement between Formula 1 and Qatar spans a decade, ensuring the continued presence of the race on the calendar for the foreseeable future. Explore the complete schedule for the 2023 season here.

Qatar Grand Prix

Qatar Grand Prix Formula 1 Racing Spectacle

The Qatar Grand Prix Losail International Circuit, constructed in 2004 by over a thousand workers within a single year, amounted to an investment of around 58 million US dollars. In its debut year, the circuit hosted a Grand Prix, and since then, it has been a regular venue for the MotoGP. The original layout of the track measures 5.3 kilometers, precisely the same length as Australia’s Albert Park Circuit, coincidentally replaced by the Qatari circuit. Interestingly, similar to Albert Park, the Losail International Circuit features sixteen turns.

As depicted in the above circuit layout, the Qatar Grand Prix circuit boasts one extended straight. Notably, both the entry and exit of the pit lane align with this straight section of the circuit, a characteristic shared with the Zandvoort circuit.

Anticipating brief pit stops, this configuration enhances the possibility of a two-stop strategy, depending on Pirelli’s tire compound selection, excluding hard compounds.

Australia’s Exclusion: Qatar’s Inclusion

Initially, the Formula 1 World Championship 2021 calendar featured the Australian Grand Prix on November 21 (the traditional season opener, postponed to this date). Ultimately, the organizers and Formula 1 decided not to hold this race for the second consecutive year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On September 30, 2021, Formula 1 announced that the twentieth round of the championship would take place at the Losail International Circuit near Doha for the inaugural Qatar Grand Prix in the championship.

Qatar Grand Prix F1 Qatar Grand Prix F1

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