Wolff Slams Masi as Insignificant in F1 Drama

Wolff Slams Masi as “Insignificant” in F1 Drama


Toto Wolff’s harsh critique of Michael Masi post-2021 Abu Dhabi GP ignites controversy, marking a pivotal F1 moment.

Wolff delivered a scathing assessment of Michael Masi, labeling him a “totally insignificant person,” following the drama at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The controversy surrounding this title-deciding GP has now become one of the defining moments in F1 history.

The incorrect enforcement of the safety car rule by the then FIA race director shifted the drivers’ title from one side to the other, from Lewis Hamilton to Max Verstappen.

For the Mercedes F1 team principal, the wound remains fresh more than 2 years later.

“Looking back, it’s just so unfair what happened to Lewis and the team that day,” Wolff stated in the recently published book “The Formula,” by Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg.

“And that individual didn’t adhere to the rules and just let it happen.”

“He’s a completely insignificant person: living on the other side of the world with nobody interested in him. He was truly an insignificant pathological egotist.”

Masi now serves as the chairman of the Supercars Commission in Australia and made an appearance during the last F1 weekend at Albert Park as the series was featured in Formula 1’s support program.

Though Wolff still feels aggrieved by the events of 2021, he acknowledged that these moments are partly what make Formula 1 what it is, referring to Hamilton as an eight-time title winner.

“It’s the drama and the glory. That’s what makes this sport so compelling.”

“Everyone witnessed the drama of an eight-time world champion having his title stolen. I would have preferred it to end differently, but that race undeniably made history.”

Wolff Slams Masi as “Insignificant” in F1 Drama. Wolff Slams Masi as “Insignificant” in F1 Drama


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