Leclerc Sainz Cautious on Ferrari's Japan GP Chances

Leclerc, Sainz Cautious on Ferrari’s Japan GP Chances


In the face of the Japanese Grand Prix, Leclerc and Sainz echo a cautious optimism about Ferrari’s prospects against Red Bull, despite Vasseur’s confidence.

While Fred Vasseur has shown unusual optimism (detailed here), both drivers maintain a cautious stance, expecting Red Bull to extend their lead from Melbourne on the high-speed, demanding Suzuka circuit.

“I believe, based on our current knowledge, Red Bull will maintain an advantage this weekend.”

“Particularly on race day, we possess a unique strength on tracks where tire graining is a concern. This was evident in Australia two weeks ago, where we were notably strong.”

“This weekend, such conditions are less anticipated; we expect no graining on the front tires but rather a more general degradation. Therefore, I predict Red Bull will return to their prior form.”

Leclerc is just four points behind championship leader Max Verstappen in the drivers’ standings after the first three races, benefiting from the Dutchman’s retirement in Australia.

While Leclerc is pleased that Ferrari has maximized its points, the Monegasque driver believes this doesn’t fully reflect their performance level.

“It’s a crucial part of the season to maximize every possible point, which we’ve managed to do.”

“Reflecting on the first three races, being only four points behind Red Bull doesn’t accurately represent our true performance.”

“Yes, we are closer than before, but I think we’ve done an exceptionally good job of maximizing what we currently have. And Red Bull suffered a costly retirement.”

“As we await updates that hopefully will put us in a stronger position to consistently beat them on Sundays, we must continue to collect as many points as possible.”

Leclerc, Sainz Cautious on Ferrari’s Japan GP Chances. Leclerc, Sainz Cautious on Ferrari’s Japan GP Chances


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