Wolff Confident Mercedes Eyes F1 Title Without Hamilton

Wolff Confident: Mercedes Eyes F1 Title Without Hamilton


As Lewis Hamilton approaches his final season with Mercedes, his record-breaking journey stirs emotions. The team faces the future with optimism, vowing to continue their winning legacy, even without their star driver.

82 victories, 148 podiums, and 78 poles: that’s Lewis Hamilton’s record with Mercedes since 2013.

The British driver will thus have only one more season to improve these staggering statistics before donning Ferrari’s red uniform.

Lewis Hamilton’s departure inevitably raises doubts about Mercedes’ future. Already in a sporting decline since 2022, can the German team really return to the pinnacle of global sport without its historic driver?

For Toto Wolff, there’s no doubt: losing Lewis Hamilton is certainly a significant loss; but even without him, Mercedes can win races – thanks in part to George Russell.

“Ultimately, he is the driver who has won the most with us, and we have experienced a sensational period and journey together, and that’s something that will remain in the history books and in Mercedes’ history books.”

Mercedes F1 Team: A Legacy Continues as Hamilton Seeks 8th Championship

“But we are the Mercedes F1 team. We are the best car brand in the world, a team with a legacy, and we want to end his career beautifully.”

“But I can promise you that we are going to build another phase of success; more victories, more world championships in the coming years, and we will remember this very, very good period with Lewis at Mercedes.”

While Lewis Hamilton has chosen to leave Mercedes at the end of 2024, Toto Wolff has extended his role as team principal until 2026.

But if he had been informed earlier of Lewis’s decision, would his friend Toto Wolff have made the same decision? Does he feel trapped at Brackley (even though it’s worth remembering he also owns a third of the team’s shares…)?

“No, it wouldn’t have changed anything. I think whatever my role in the team, I will be there in the future.”

“So, it was obvious to continue playing an executive role, whether as CEO, Managing Director, President, or Team Principal. The simplest was to keep what we had.”

“This [Lewis Hamilton’s departure] would not have affected my decisions because I am very proud to be part of this Mercedes Formula 1 team, carrying such a huge legacy. The story of the star brand, the history of racing, and we are going to write even more history in the future. That’s what I want to do with all team members and everyone in Stuttgart.”

“That’s why, even though this journey is very special, we have another 10 or 20 years ahead of us to achieve further successes.”

An 8th Unrealistic Title for Hamilton with Mercedes?

Toto Wolff’s goal for 2024 remains the same: to provide Lewis Hamilton with a car capable of winning his 8th World Championship…

Wolff: Mercedes Aims High, Challenges for Titles Ahead

But that’s a very high bar to reach, Toto Wolff admits. Since 2021, Mercedes hasn’t had an F1 car capable of competing for titles…

“Thank you for reminding me that 2021 was the last time we were really good!”

“We still have one year ahead of us with Hamilton. We have 2024 together. This year to be as successful as possible.”

“Is it realistic to think we can compete for the World Championship against Max in a Red Bull? If I go by the odds, the chances are against us, but we’ll do our best.”

“When we talked about giving everything for an eighth [title], it was about winning with Lewis in a Mercedes. Lewis in another car is a whole different story.”

“We will give everything we have to win the drivers’ and constructors’ championships in the coming years, in the same way we want to win in 2024, but perhaps with another driver [for the post-2024 era].”

“But that doesn’t take anything away from the historic legacy that will always exist, this journey together will be in the history books as much as the next one, I hope.”

Wolff Confident: Mercedes Eyes F1 Title Without Hamilton. Wolff Confident: Mercedes Eyes F1 Title Without Hamilton

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