Verstappen's Imperfect Victory Sparks Team Focus

Verstappen’s Imperfect Victory Sparks Team Focus


Despite winning the Miami F1 Sprint, Max Verstappen admits imperfections and sees room for improvement before the next races.

Max Verstappen nearly lost the lead at the start of the Miami F1 Sprint, but the Red Bull driver moved inside to push Charles Leclerc towards the wall, which allowed him to exit the corner better than his rival and maintain the lead, before managing the 100-kilometer race without issues.

“My start wasn’t good and that’s why I had to squeeze him, but everything went well. There was the safety car, and I was able to extend the lead but it wasn’t perfect. We have some work to do but with the format, we can improve the car for qualifying and the race. However, winning the Sprint is a good thing and it brings additional points,” Verstappen stated.

Verstappen acknowledges that he wasn’t as comfortable as in China, where he dominated the Sprint by pulling more than ten seconds ahead in just a few laps: “In China, it went very well, the car was good to drive. But here, we’re struggling to get good handling.”

Sergio Perez managed to pass Ricciardo after a few laps, as the Australian had gotten ahead of him at the start, but he then failed to catch up to Charles Leclerc, who was too far ahead once the Mexican passed the RB F1.

“It was tough to pass Daniel, and once I did, I was three seconds behind Charles, it was difficult. I managed to close to within 2 seconds but it was hard to get any closer. We’ll see what we can do for the rest of the weekend,” Perez noted.

Verstappen's Imperfect Victory Sparks Team Focus

Verstappen’s Imperfect Victory Sparks Team Focus. Verstappen’s Imperfect Victory Sparks Team Focus

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