Verstappen's Future Red Bull or Aston Martin F1

Verstappen’s Future: Red Bull or Aston Martin F1?


Max Verstappen’s future continues to stir the paddock at Suzuka, amid speculation over a potential move to Aston Martin F1, powered by Honda engines, alongside famed designer Adrian Newey

Max Verstappen’s future remains a hot topic at Suzuka, amidst the ongoing power struggle within Red Bull.

Upon arrival, Dr. Helmut Marko issued a firm “no comment” to reporters regarding Christian Horner’s potential takeover of the Red Bull group, which would relocate from Austria to Dubai.

It’s clear that until the situation is resolved, Verstappen remains a target for Mercedes F1, though he currently sees no reason to switch teams.

Fernando Alonso also believes there’s no chance Verstappen will leave Red Bull next year. But what factors will define his future for 2025?

“No chance? Well, it all depends on whether I want to drive next year or not! But from my side, yes, I’m very happy where I am. And yes, we want it to continue this way.”

A vague response as rumors swirl about Aston Martin F1’s courtship of Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen for 2026, with the team set to use Honda engines.

Could Verstappen consider this project? The door appears somewhat open…

“I don’t know. It doesn’t necessarily mean 2026, right? I mean, I have a contract with Red Bull until 2028. After that, I want to see if I really want to continue. That’s most important to me. It’s not so much about where. These aren’t things I’m really thinking about right now.”

Would Adrian Newey’s move to another team motivate him to leave?

“Well, I mean… We have a lot of people working on the car, right? So it’s a whole team effort that needs to be put together. And everyone’s ideas are considered in building the car we have today.”

“So yes, of course, having someone in the team like Adrian is a huge boost for everyone. But many people work together to create the car we have today. I enjoy driving them. To be honest, I prefer driving the older cars because they’re a bit lighter, a bit more agile. But I’ll drive whatever the rules are, right?”

And if he leaves, could that prompt him to consider a move, perhaps to Mercedes F1 or elsewhere?

“I can say that everyone should stay together, but if someone wants to leave, you can’t always stop them!”

“I haven’t talked to him about it either. I also don’t know what’s going on. It doesn’t concern me. I was busy skiing. I don’t want to read any of that at all.”

“And yes, I’d like Adrian to stay and not go to another team. After all, he has a lot of knowledge.”

Verstappen’s Future: Red Bull or Aston Martin F1?. Verstappen’s Future: Red Bull or Aston Martin F1?

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