F1 and MotoGP Eye Unique Joint Racing Event

F1 and MotoGP Eye Unique Joint Racing Event


Plans are afoot for a groundbreaking racing weekend, merging the thrill of Formula 1 and MotoGP into one spectacular event.

The “medium-term” goal is indeed to organize a unique and sensational racing weekend that combines both Formula 1 and its two-wheeled counterpart, MotoGP.

Rumors of this nature have been circulating for a while, but have now gained momentum following Liberty Media’s announcement of acquiring MotoGP’s commercial rights, the company already holding those for F1.

However, MotoGP’s Sports Director Carlos Ezpeleta, son of the current CEO of the series, Carmelo, clarifies that while a joint F1-MotoGP event is “not in the immediate plans,” it is indeed under consideration.

“Let’s just say it’s not something we’re ruling out in the medium term either.”

As for finding a suitable circuit that meets the requirements of both F1 and MotoGP, that remains an open question.

“There are a number of circuits capable of hosting both series,” Carlos Ezpeleta stated, “but not many.”

“It’s a project that will not be sidelined, but we’re not working on it at this stage. It’s a medium-term goal, should it come to fruition.”

F1 and MotoGP Eye Unique Joint Racing Event. F1 and MotoGP Eye Unique Joint Racing Event

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