Verstappen's Advice Sparks Lawson's F1 Ambition

Verstappen’s Advice Sparks Lawson’s F1 Ambition


Amid the 2023 F1 season, Liam Lawson replaced an injured Daniel Ricciardo, showcasing his skills at AlphaTauri. His performance, underpinned by Max Verstappen’s mentorship, eyes a future with Red Bull Racing.

During a free practice session at Zandvoort, Ricciardo fractured his hand in a crash, a result of the steering wheel snapping back against the barrier. This allowed Lawson to take the helm of the AT04 for several races, standing out to the extent that Dr. Helmut Marko did not hesitate to put his regular drivers under pressure by stating that the New Zealander was ready for F1.

Lawson shares today how much Max Verstappen was of great help during that time and what his current goals are.

“Max is one of the few drivers who helped me before my first Grand Prix,” Lawson says.

“He’s actually a really nice guy off the track. I think he might come across as quite aggressive on TV, but he’s just ultra-competitive and is a really, really good guy.”

“When I had to drive the AlphaTauri last year, he was one of the few drivers truly open to giving advice. He mainly told me to make sure to enjoy it, to try not to forget to enjoy it because of the pressure it entails.”

“He was really kind and open to giving advice. So it’s cool to obviously have someone in the paddock like that.”

Lawson is now waiting for his opportunity to drive again for RB F1 (formerly AlphaTauri) or, perhaps, Red Bull Racing.

“The dream is to drive in F1 with Red Bull. I’ve been with them for over five years. They are currently the most competitive team in Formula 1. So, if I could choose, I would drive for them.”

“My dream is to be in Formula 1. If it can’t be with them, then, obviously, I would try to make it happen with someone else.”

Verstappen’s Advice Sparks Lawson’s F1 Ambition. Verstappen’s Advice Sparks Lawson’s F1 Ambition


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