Russell Praises Hamilton Professionalism

Russell Lauds Hamilton’s Pro Move Amid Ferrari Shift


In the face of Hamilton’s impending move to Ferrari, George Russell commends his teammate’s unwavering professionalism. Their collaboration at Mercedes F1 showcases a seamless dynamic, unaffected by future changes.

George Russell praised Lewis Hamilton’s professionalism in discussing how Mercedes F1 is approaching the development of its W15, knowing that his teammate will move to Ferrari at the end of the season.

This shocking announcement has raised numerous questions about how Mercedes would manage its relationship with Hamilton for this final year.

However, Russell insisted that Hamilton continues to be “incredibly professional” and that there has been no change in the working relationship between the team and the driver.

“Since Lewis’s announcement, I think he has been incredibly professional with the team, and the working relationship with everyone at Mercedes feels like nothing has changed. I’ve read what David (Coulthard) said, that he’s already got his head elsewhere, but that’s not the case.”

“And the team has been great too. They’ve given us both equal chances. It’s always been like that from the start.”

“And whenever improvements are made to the car, it concerns both of us at the same time, whereas other teams often do one car before the other. So, development remains the same on our side, and everyone is as involved as before.”

“Lewis wants to make his last year with us a success.”

Russell confirmed that this would also be the case beyond this season when he faces his new teammate at Mercedes in 2025.

“It will always be this way at Mercedes, I’m not going to become the leader. The team wants to give both drivers the best chance of achieving the best results, and next year, no matter who my teammate is, it will be the same.”

Russell Praises Hamilton Professionalism

Russell Praises Hamilton Professionalism. Russell Praises Hamilton Professionalism


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