Verstappen Would 'Destroy' His F1 in Sargeant's Situation

Verstappen Would ‘Destroy’ His F1 in Sargeant’s Situation


In a bold statement, Max Verstappen revealed he would rather destroy his Formula 1 car than see it driven by anyone else, spotlighting Logan Sargeant’s recent ordeal at Williams.

Williams F1 has defended its decision to sideline Logan Sargeant due to his lack of preparation for the 2024 season.

Alex Albon severely crashed his F1 car during Free Practice 1 in Melbourne, causing significant chassis damage. He then used his teammate Logan Sargeant’s car for the remainder of the weekend, sparking anger among fans and curiosity among Formula 1 media.

“I would have made the same decision,” stated former Haas team principal Gunther Steiner. “Just look at the statistics. Alex has done a great job for them last year. The team’s interests are always paramount.”

“But if I were Logan Sargeant, I would be wondering why there isn’t a spare chassis. I find that astonishing. I’ve never heard of a situation where there’s no spare chassis available by the third race of the season.”

A driver came to the American’s defense, Red Bull’s three-time F1 World Champion

“Of course, it’s tough for Logan,” said Max Verstappen.

“I understand the team made this decision from a performance perspective. But it’s not nice. I wouldn’t have given up my car in such a situation. Definitely not in my position.”

“In his place, I would have already been on the plane,” the Dutchman smiled. “But first, I would destroy my own car so that no one else could drive it.”

“Fortunately, in my position, I don’t have to worry about something like this happening to me.”

It’s also a tricky situation for Albon: wrecking his own car and then sidelining his teammate is not something he enjoys.

“No one wants to race in their teammate’s car, and neither do I. I’ve never been in a situation like this before, and it feels odd. I just have to try to ignore the whole story as much as possible.”

According to Vowles, Sargeant took the news with “much more maturity than I would have at his age.”

“I laid out the facts to him. He’s improved, he’s closer to Alex than before, but he’s not quite at the level to be ahead of Alex.”

“But my opinion of Logan hasn’t changed. I signed him and have put my full support behind him because I believe in him.”

Verstappen Would ‘Destroy’ His F1 in Sargeant’s Situation. Verstappen Would ‘Destroy’ His F1 in Sargeant’s Situation.


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