Verstappen Revels in Dominant F1 Victories

Verstappen Revels in Dominant F1 Victories


Max Verstappen admits he favors clear, dominant wins in Formula 1, aiming to excel without contest.

Max Verstappen enjoys victories where there is a significant margin over the following driver. The three-time world champion admits that fighting for victory is not what he enjoys most, even though he understands that this is what Formula 1 should offer to the audience.

“I have raced so much in my life in close combat. I much prefer races where we are 100% sure we can win by a large margin, but that is not what the fans want to hear. I am honest, I am here to win and to succeed,” Verstappen declared.

As numerous rumors about his future accumulate, the Red Bull driver admits that his decisions will not be motivated by raw results, as he no longer has an ultimate goal in the sport, having achieved the world title he so desperately sought.

“Not anymore, in Formula 1. For me, it’s just about trying to stay where I am right now and, of course, trying to win more because I’ve already achieved everything I wanted to achieve in this sport.”

“Aiming for closer to perfection”

Breaking records in Formula 1 doesn’t interest him, and with a contract running until 2028, he admits it will be hard to pursue the number of titles held by Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, especially since he doesn’t want to stay in the top category for too long.

“I want to race all sorts of other races outside of F1 at some point, so I definitely won’t be here until I’m 40. I would need to keep winning until 2028, so we’ll see!”

Verstappen is frustrated about the two lost victories this year, and he sees this as a positive sign regarding his motivation: “I’m annoyed, of course, when it comes to things that we could have avoided. I think it’s a good thing that it still annoys me.”

“Because if I’m not annoyed, it means I don’t care. When you lose interest, you’re not giving 100%. I think that’s when you start to wonder if this is really what you want.”

“I love winning. I love being on top, I love working with all the great people we have on the team. Always trying to get as close to perfection as possible, I think that’s what really motivates me.”

Verstappen Revels in Dominant F1 Victories

Verstappen Revels in Dominant F1 Victories. Verstappen Revels in Dominant F1 Victories

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